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SMARTBOW animal management in real time

Agricultural companies are continually growing. The consequence: more animals, more staff, more technology, more bureaucracy. SMARTBOW assists farmers with the continual and selective information transmission of the most diverse of data (health conditions, tasks, …) and ensures ideal communication between animals, staff and the farmer.

Each animal is provided with a transmitter (ear tag). This enables the animals both to be precisely located and for diseases, rutting behaviour and aggression to be detected early from the movement patterns and relevant measures initiated. The system informs the farmer directly on his PC or smartphone, even outside of the cattle shed. This improves the health of the animals and increases the company’s efficiency.

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Unsere Leistungen:
  • SMARTBOW works simply and precisely.
  • SMARTBOW analyses, organises and informs.
  • SMARTBOW is self-learning and can be operated intuitively.
  • SMARTBOW communicates and distributes orders.
  • SMARTBOW increases efficiency and protects animals.
  • SMARTBOW simply knows what is currently happening in the cattle shed.
Project Overview